Woodland Wellbeing

Date: Saturday 18th November – FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 9th December 

Time: 9.30-11.30

Address: Foresteers at Greenhead House Farm, S35 0HN

Led by Sophie, a breathwork and cold water therapist and Hayley a Forest School Leader. 

Come and join us in a private woodland and take part in relaxing breathwork techniques,  take a dip in the cold bath and warm up in the kota hut around a burning log fire with a hot cocoa and a light brunch. 

The woodland is the perfect place to spend time among trees; a proven form of complementary therapy that can deliver health and wellbeing benefits. Mindful connections with nature can boost your immune system and encourage the release of positive emotions leading to feelings of contentment. Spending time outdoors and helping to nurture and conserve nature has many benefits:

You’ll experience the power of the cold and your breath to reset your nervous system, reduce inflammation, improve mood, alleviate stress and learn how to relax into the discomfort.

What a perfect way to start a Saturday!

You will need to bring swim wear, a towel and warm, comfortable clothing.

Price: £45 per person, over 18 years only.

Booking through the website www.foresteers.co.uk please put NA in boxes on the booking form for irrelevant questions.