We are the Foresteers!


“Nature is one of our greatest teachers”

What is Forest School?

Forest School is all about giving children and young people of all ages the opportunity to learn through positive experiences in exciting, outdoor, woodland settings. Research has demonstrated that these repeated visits to the same woodland site support the development of self-confidence, motivation, concentration and sound social and emotional skills.

Joining the Foresteers allows children to take part in experiences that encourage creativity and exploration. All of our experiences are designed to be fun and interesting, and importantly something they would probably never otherwise experience.

The concept originates from Scandinavia where the young children are taken on walks through the forest following an imaginary character.  Along the way they explore and investigate, take risks and learn together in the great outdoors. The ethos has now been introduced to the UK under the name ‘Forest School’.

Activities are varied and linked both to the curriculum and the season in which they take place.  Nature is at the heart of all of that we do and children will, over time, learn about the world around them. Sessions focus on aspects of holistic development. The teacher is less a person of authority and more a facilitator, mentor and experienced companion.  Children are allowed to choose the direction they take, discover, discuss and develop without the constraints of a table and chair. As they learn to respect this freedom they will learn about themselves, learn about others, and learn to be resilient.

Outdoor Preschool

At Foresteers Outdoor Preschool for children 2-4 years, your child will be immersed in the Forest School ethos and will have the space, time and opportunity to play and ignite their desire to learn in a unique and holistic way.

FEL hours for eligible 2,3 and 4 year olds are accepted. If you are interested in a place for your child then please contact us. Full day £45, Half day £22.50, minimum 1 day per week. £45 administration fee which includes full outdoor suit and learning journal log in.




Birth to 4 & Holiday Sessions

Foresteers Birth to 4 sessions are a great way to explore the magical woodland with your children! Take part in a craft experience, get muddy in the mud kitchen and toast a marshmallow on a open fire.

Snack and hot drink for adults and kids included and a lot of fun to be had!

Our Holiday club sessions run in school holidays for children aged 5-11 years. Your child can come along and make new friends while exploring the woodland. We uses tools, cook on the campfire and have lots of fun!


Birthday Parties

Contact us so we can plan your child’s party today!

Rates start from £8 per child with a minimum of 10 children and a maximum of 20 children. At least 2 adults per six children should accompany the party. Parties will take place in a suitable local area and food can be arranged at an extra cost or bring your own packed lunches along.

Birthday parties can be arranged on weekdays during school holidays, and Saturday and Sundays throughout the year (due to availability). All children and adults attending the party will need to complete a consent form and have read the information sheet on what to wear.

All sessions are risked assessed and all staff holds a current enhanced DBS. Parents can arrange a site visit if they are unsure of what a Forest School party entails or to discuss the content of their child’s party. Check out our previous Birthdays on our Facebook page.

Site Development

Do you have an outdoor space that needs developing with ideas around Forest School?

If so we can come and design one for you. We ask that children, parents and teachers give ideas so we can plan your space. Full site inspections are free. If you want us to draw any plans then these are charged at £250. If you decided to go with us to create your area then this charge is waivered.

We have been busy developing areas. Firvale Pre School in Sheffield are the latest to have their outside space transformed into a Foresteer Site. Fully equipped mud kitchens, moveable water features and building areas have all been added to the site. A fully weather proof gazebo and hammock were requested by staff. A log circle seating area was also created for the children. For a FREE quotation please get in touch.

Group Learning Activities

In this sequence of progressive sessions, participants and practitioners can develop a genuine relationship with one another to increase confidence and self-esteem, and to foster an independence and love of the outdoors. Children will be taught traditional woodland skills, to understand personal and physical boundaries, to learn risk management and to value nature and be able to communicate about it. This programme begins with achievable, child-initiated activities to familiarise children with the natural world – such as arts and crafts, sensory exploration and wildlife projects. As the children become more comfortable in the outdoor environment, the tasks increase in skill level. We introduce specialised tools and skills such as using a bow saw, tying rope knots, building shelters and lighting fires. Woodland visits will always incorporate wide area team-building games and campfire cooking.

  • Up to 16 children
  • Minimum 6 session booking
  • 12 Half or 6 Full Days
  • From £1200

What Will We Need:

Children will need clothes that are suitable for the weather at any particular time of the year.  As the weather begins to turn cold, this can include as many layers as you see fit.  Please provide the following for your child when they have their Forest School sessions:

  • Pair of wellington boots
  • Long sleeved top (tops in cold weather)
  • Pair of jogging bottoms
  • Waterproof coat in wet weather


A wonderful forest school environment for young children. The leaders are inspiring, dedicated, exceptional people who make the outdoor learning experience wonderful.

- Kay Tort


I’ve been taking my daughter to Foresteers for 9 months now and she absolutely loves it! Rohan and Hayley are both super friendly, knowledgeable and fun. They have different activities along with the running favourites such as the mud kitchen and marshmallow toasting! I cannot recommend this group enough. What a fab way to get the kids exploring the great outdoors!

- Laura Lawton


Both of my children have been to Foresteers sessions for a few years. It’s always a highly anticipated event of the school holidays & it never disappoints, even on the coldest of days we all have fun!

- Emma Morgan


Latest Events

Foresteers Birth to 4 Years Stay and Play Sessions Wednesdays 11th, 18th, 25th, Sept. 2nd, 9th, 16th Oct. 10.00-11.30am

Come join us to explore the woodland.
Take part in a craft experience , get muddy in the mud kitchen and toast a marshmallow on a open fire.
Snack and hot drink for adult included.

£5 per child (includes 1 adult), £3.50 sibling over 1, under 1 £1 (free with full paying child), 50p additional adult

Get in touch for more information.
Booking forms available on our website www.foresteers.co.uk

Please park in the field.

Rohan 07835284996

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